Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile With This One Tip


People often ask me, “What’s the one thing I can do to improve my presence on LinkedIn?’ And that answer is short and sweet: change your headline.

Your headline is your personal tagline. It’s that little phrase that runs beneath your picture on your profile and runs with your name everyone you go on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s default setting automatically sets your headline to use be most recent job title and company name. Instead, stand out from the crowd by customizing it to say what you do best and for whom. This will make clear not just what you do for a living, but what you do well (perhaps better than anybody?) and who should be looking for you on LinkedIn. Here are a few tips:

  • Add Clear Descriptors
    For some professionals, you can improve your headline simply by adding a few descriptive words to make your area of expertise more clear. For example, changing your headline from “Partner at XYZ Law Firm” to “Trial Attorney & Partner at XYZ Law Firm” or “White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney & Partner at XYZ Law Firm.”
  • Be Memorable
    Depending on your personal brand, you could step it up a notch by adding in a bolder, more memorable statement: “Tax Attorney Making The World Safer For Billionaires.” Aren’t you just dying to click this individual’s profile now to find out exactly what he does?
  • Focus On The Actual Value You Bring - Not Just Your Job Title
    As for me, rather than just saying I’m “President at Mountaintop Consulting” which is vague and doesn’t immediately mean much to anyone, I focus on the true value I provide my clients: “Trusted Advisor to Business and Law Firm Leaders.

Limited to 120 characters, crafting the right headline can be tricky. But the payoff is well worth it when you end up with an authentic, memorable headline that aligns with your personal brand and sets the tone for the rest of your LinkedIn profile.

Know someone with a great headline or just want some feedback on yours? Share your headline ideas in the comments and we’ll take a look!


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